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I used to like this place until they ripped me off.I've been paying them for 3 months straight without using their equipment because I simply did not have the time to come in due to change in work schedule.

When I moved and I called on January 2nd to cancel, not only I had to drive 40 miles to fill out paperwork and cancel but on top of that they charged me for the whole month of January and they said they will charge me for the whole month of February. That is ridiculous. I asked if they can at least give me a refund for February since I have been paying them without using their equipment and they said no. It's not as much the money as it is the principle and customer service.

The front desk girls were rude and said it says it in the contract that I should have canceled on the 1st at least. I mentioned that it was New Years but they did not care. Apparently the owner would say no. I guess he is in the business of ripping people off.

As far as their tanning beds, really nothing special. Not worth the money. I have been tanning for over 10 years and I have definitely been to better places, nicer staff and owners, and better prices.

Wow I cannot believe this place.

My account was charged for February as well after the owner said there was a mistake on my account and I would not be charged for February. No there was not a mistake. He saw my review on Yelp and tried to cover it up. Absolutely ridiculous.

Unbelievable. I see why you made that cancellation policy now! So you can charge people for at least 2 extra months after they are done using the equipment. Do the math people.

Hundreds of clients times 2 months of tanning without using your equipment. Sounds like a good business plan to me. Wow why am I working 12 hours a day. I should get into this business and rip people off for their hard earned money.

It's simple. Just make it a policy and when clients complain just say "Hey it's in the policy. You know the fine print that nobody reads." I'm just amazed at the nerve this owner has to make his employees call me and ask me to take my Yelp review down and then he won't charge me for February! Well not only that employee never responded back to me.

The owner goes and leaves this comment trying to cover his tracks and they charge my account.Please do not ever use their services because you are paying for this individual's lifestyle with your hard earner money.

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